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Study Group


Study Group

Date Thursday, February 22, 2024 10:00 AM
Location Danish Lutheran Church, 210 10 Avenue NE, T2E 0W9 Calgary

Which book would you bring to a desert island if you were only allowed to take 1 book?Many Christians would say: The Bible, but many Danes would say: my hymnbook! 

The Danish hymnal contains poems of joy and lamentations; about God's relation to us and our relation to God. There are morning and evening hymns and hymns for Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. It is full of life experiences and an excellent history book that tells about the past 500 years of Danish church history; well, it even goes further back. This study group will examine some Danish hymns translated into English and their historical context.

This Fall, we’ll finish what we began in the Spring. 

Newcomers are welcome and can easily follow along. Refreshments are served.