Guest Speaker Markus Lehman

January 22, 2019 - 7:30pm
Church Basement

Our first guest speaker in 2019 will be Markus Lehman. He will speaking on the topic of “Winds of Change - the Energy Transition: from Carbon to Electrons.” 

Markus will enlighten us about how wind, sun (and other elements) are changing the world’s power sources and how Denmark has become a world leader in this transformation. He will talk about what is happening in Alberta and in Canada - and where will the wind take us? Markus will outline global policies and capital allocation trends that are shaping this new energy for the present and the future. Markus will also tell humorous stories about humans and how we have changed energy sources over time: wood, coal, kerosene, whale oil, seeping petroleum, nuclear, etc, etc. etc. 

Be prepared to be blown away!!! 


Coffee and tea will be served and you are most welcome to bring family and friends along.