Danish Spirit Choir

Because of inconsistent attendance in the months of Winter and Spring the Choir now meet at the monthly Sing-a-longs in the church.

The Sing-along evening is typically held on the 3rd Thursday of every month.


The choir name was chosen because it is essential that the name is understood outside the Danish community.
“Danish” represents our roots, which have brought us together.
The “Spirit” holds several interpretations that make our presence suitable for many occasions.
We are to make ourselves available to anyone who appreciates our choir.
The purpose of the choir is to awaken the joy of music in our members and audiences with the “Danish Spirit”.
We tend to vary our presentations and include a variety of music so that the presence of the Danish Spirit is suitable in any situation.
Most importantly, we desire to have fun with music.
The Danish Spirit encompasses the full spectrum of the Danish culture--it is free, light, joyful, humorous, and sincere.
As Danes are known to sing a lot, it is no surprise that there is a very rich heritage to tap into, and the repertoire of the “Danish Spirit Choir” should strive to capture that. (Composed by the late Grethe Strudsholm).
We have a large repertoire of both Danish and English songs/hymns suitable to all occasions and approximately 20 members.